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What Exactly Are Progressive Lenses?

Have you been wearing bifocal glasses intended for quite sometime now? The lenses that clearly shows the line separating your two vision-correction needs, or perhaps the inset lens for reading clearly – both of which date your look significantly?! Technology has evolved, and is now here to help you evolve your look, and stop dating yourself! Feel comfortable to wear your multifocal glasses without letting everyone else know, and get a couple of progressive lenses. The creation of progressive lenses has been a revolutionary switch for the optical industry, and it is for more reasons than simply keeping your look young and fresh… As the number of progressive glasses continues to grow at a high rates, the demand for constantly advancing technology for progressives is also growing. So , enjoy this guideline to better understanding progressive glasses: what they are, and what they have to offer you!

Progressive lenses are often called “no-line bifocals” because they first appeared as replacements for dated lined-bifocals. However , they actually offer much more than just an aesthetically pleasing switch . Progressive glasses allow the wearer to actually have several points of vision – besides the standard distance and near vision needs (as offered in bifocal glasses ). They are the truest of “multifocal” glasses, as they provide more than just two visions (like bifocals), or even just three points of vision (like trifocals). Through the twist of the lenses, progressives allow your eyes to make the gradual change from near vision (reading), to computer vision, to distance vision; whereas bifocals call for an abrupt distinction between only near vision and distance vision.

While the immediate jump from bifocals or trifocals to progressive lenses may take a little while adjusting to, eventually it’s worth it. Because there isn’t a distinct break from near to distance vision ( of which your eyes may be used to when wearing additional multifocal glasses ), the tunneling of your vision in progressive lenses can cause a little of misunderstandings for your muscle memory space at first. For instance, when you first wear progressive lenses, you might notice a slight blurring of your peripheral vision through the bottom of the lenses. This sensation will likely go away within a week or so, but is there because your eyes must get used to the gradual transition between the different vision distances. Of program if it does not go aside, it might be best to contact your local optician again in order to determine the next plan of attack.

Ultimately however , if you’ve been using multifocal glasses for actually quite some time right now and want something more, progressives are probably the best option for you. Progressive glasses can provide you a lot of advantages that regrettably no additional vision-correction utensil can give you at this time. So why not make the step today? Move on from your old bifocal glasses and ask your doctor about progressives today!

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